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30 MAY
  • Hall №1
  • Hall №2
31 MAY
  • Hall №1
  • Hall №2

Program - 30 may 2013, hall № 1
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Tendencies at the market of mobile devices and technologies
10:30-11:00 video ITmozg Artyom Kumpel Statistical study of mobile market: would you like to know the place where the best salaries, best conditions and best specialists are?
11:00-11:30 video Arcsinus Mobile Solutions Pavel Golub Mobile market devices and technologies general trends
11:30-12:00 video Doctor At Work Ilya Kupriyanov, Stanislav Sazhin Mobile killers. Why traditional social networks  concede to mobile applications.
12:00-12:30 video LiveTex Anton Solonchuk Foreseeable future of interactive communication with mobile users


Nikolai Susko  Business applications for Philip Morris International as an example of mobile business applications
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14:00-14:30 video Aviasales Alexander Nosov Achievements of Aviasales.ru, or How to get into TOP-1 at App Store
14:30-15:00 video Ostrovok.ru Anatoly Sharifulin Mobile application Ostrovok.ru: what for it is needed when there is "booking"
15:00-15:30 video Wizee Anton Lebedev Mobile services for offline stores
Forwarding of mobile applications
15:30-16:00 video Mail.ru Mikhail Maliy Pros and cons of mobile advertising
16:00-16:30 Socialist Mobile Dmitry Bykovskikh Forwarding with the point at the future: how users can be brought not only figures
video GRAPE Mikhail Geisherik Mobile and big advertisers
17:00-17:30 video Trademob GmbH Artyom Makarov Challenges to the market of Mobile Marketing


Program - 30 may 2013, hall № 2
Development of applications
10:30-11:00 video   id-east Alexey Shtatnov Mobile applications in corporate and bank sectors. Examples of solutions for market leaders
11:00-11:30 video


Dmitry Rizhkov

Specifics and experience in development of mobile services for systems of open government
video MY-APPS Vyacheslav Semenchuk Mobile applications for small and middle business
video Mobile Info Suren Makaryan Mobile Apps
12:30-12:50 video

Genleman interface  

Dmitry Kireev Ways of capital saving on development of mobile application.
12:50-13:15 video

Timy app bureau

Edgar Davtyan Mobile technologies serving state.
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Development of applications and 3D solutions
14:00-14:30 video Touch Instinct Andrey Baskov Mobile Development: independently or to order?
14:30-15:00 video MST Digital Agency Eugeny Chernov Development of application in 10 days by AUDI example
15:00-15:15 video
Sergey Prokofiev Design of UX for cross-platform applications
Vladimir Gerasimov Anthropomorphic robot as communication medium
Safety and protection of mobile data
video Dr.Web Pavel Plotnikov Interface as a dark horse. Experience of development of Dr.Web for Android
16:00-16:30 video Kaspersky Lab Denis Maslennikov Evolution of mobile threats in 2012-2013
16:30-17:00 video Dr.Web Vyacheslav Medvedev Defenselessness of the protected. Reasons of money disappearing in companies if antivirus is available.


Program - 31 may 2013, hall № 1
10:30-11:00 video QIWI Max Gaker QIWI Mobile application: true-to-life cases
11:00-11:20 video Ipadizer Alexey Pospekhov Mobile commerce  - the next global breakthrough
11:20-11:40 video PayOnline Bryant Neal Tools mobilization of e-commerce
11:40-12:00 video РБК Money Ramin Aliev The future of mobile commerce and credit cards
12:00-12:30 video Delivery Club Daniil Shyleiko Delivery Club App - the way to 1500 orders per day
video ID-East Vitaly Dubinin About the development of mobile applications for "Tanuki"  
video HelpLine

Katarina Simonova 

Pavel Smirnov

More quickly, better, more mobile - impeccable service without waiting in food industry 
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Investments in mobile applications
video The Untitled Venture Company Konstantin Siniushin Mobile application investments
14:30-15:00 Boomstarter Eugeny Gavrilin WORKSHOP: How to make successful crowd funding project
Forwarding of mobile applications
15:00-15:30 video Google Yuri Dolzhenko You have developed application. What's then?
15:30-16:00 video Loyalty Factory Vasily Dyachenko Mobile loyalty programs - full survey
16:00-16:30 video Articul Media Group  Mikhail Tsuprikov Mobile advertising  - vote by the budget or you will lose!
video MobiAds Ivan Kostrov True mobile story. Investments in the future of the present
17:00-17:30 video J'son Partners Consulting Oleg Dronov  Specifics of applications for tablets


Program - 31 may 2013, hall № 2
Geo Services
10:30-11:00 video Runmobile Andrey Solovyev

Development of navigation applications and geo-services (SpeakingCars, iGdeAvtobus, Strelka)

11:00-11:30 video 2Gis Valentin Saveliev

Advertising efficiency in geo services. Comparison with search systems

The press
11:30-12:00 video Garin-Studio Andrey Yaremko Digital publishing 2.0 or revolution in publishing industry
12:00-12:30 video Russia Beyond the Headlines Olga Ivanova Development of application for iPad and its forwarding for the foreign audience (by way of RBTH example for iPad)
video Smartnews Mikhail Lyubich Mobile application of news resource SmartNews
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Mobile video and TV
14:00-14:30 video ivi.ru Irina Grandel Mobile video is already here
14:30-15:00 video Zoomby.ru Sergey Korenev Mobile video – possibilities of monetization
video Tvigle Egor Yakovlev 

Models of usage and content: what do they watch, how and what for?

Games in mobile world
15:30-16:00 video NARR8 Andrey Filatov Game mechanics in nongaming content
16:00-16:30 video Hooligans Entertainment Vitaliy Khit Game startups with small budget. Myth or reality?
video Play Display  Andrey Sudarikov

Augmented Reality. Advertising, education and fun.

video Dynamic Pixels Dynamic Pixels

Viral promotion of the games: promotional content matters