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Yevgeny Chernov

Business Development Director at «MST Digital Agency»

Education: Ulyanovsk State University (ULSU), Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS).

Achievements:  Eugeny organized the office of MST in Moscow; he brought such clients as Nomos, Moscow Industrial Bank, EKA, Ankora, Yudashkin, Leberge, etc. He develops clients like Rosneft, Panasonic. He is a permanent speaker of Tagline, Nastachku.

About Eugeny: Over a quarter of a century of his life he has understood, that representativeness of a man is one of his major needs. It gave rise to social networks, being at the same time one of the fundamental elements of sales. Eugeny is sure that if you succeed in selling yourself then you manage to sale everything. He can demonstrate the way of selling himself and becoming a spice cake for everybody.

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