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Andrey Baskov

The founder and general director of Touch Instinct

Touch Instinct is amongst key companies on development of mobile applications in Russia. For 2 years he has created a company with a staff of 40 persons which has developed more than 25 mobile projects. 6 out of them has got to TOPs of AppStore and Google Play in Russia, USA and Europe. General number of installations of all developed applications exceeds 1.5 million.

Andrey has been dreaming of software development since his childhood. Having worked for a few Russian and American companies he decided then to occupy himself with creation of a company of his dream and after having made several attempts he founded Touch Instinct. His experience in outsource as a developer as well as in food company on the part of a client helped him to find a key to creation of a successful outsourcing company, and his love for mobile platforms determined the main direction of his activity. Within 2 years only Touch Instinct has become an international company with clients in USA, Europe and Russia.

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