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31 May was the final day of the first Russian congress and exhibition Mobile Application & Technology Expo (MATE) focusing on business in mobile networks. The two-day event was held at Moscow’s ARTPLAY Design Centre that played host to over 800 professionals unanimously believing that Russia’s mobile application market is poised to BOOM!

For the first time in the history of the Russian mobile application industry, MATE 2013 gathered mobile market professionals to exchange experiences and discuss the most pressing issues of the industry. Especially for the convenience of MATE exhibitors and visitors, the company SmileExpo organized four effective formats for communication: exhibition, conference, Speed Dealing platform, and career pavilion MATE a CAREER.

MATE participants were able to hear more than 50 reports on various aspects of mobile application development, ranging from trends in the application market to monetization and marketing issues. The experts noted that just in 2011 alone the mobile device market was comprised of 1.8 billion units worth more than $1 trillion. By 2015, the market of devices exchanging data over the Internet will reach nearly 4 billion units. Smartphone sales have left PC sales far behind.

Overall trends prove that the traditional social networks are giving way to mobile applications due to a number of reasons:

  • Mobile internet getting cheaper and more popular than fixed-line access;
  • Mobile devices are becoming more affordable;
  • More and more people are seeing their phones as a part of themselves;
  • Users prefer to share their moments of life right here and now;
  • Explosive growth of mobile advertising;
  • Growing purchasing power of the mobile audience;
  • Mobile revolution is not taking place in the United States and Europe. It has already happened! Now it’s Russia’s turn.

The speakers at the conference were: Alexander Nosov (Aviasales.ru), Michael Maliy (Mail.ru) , Mikhail Geisherik (GRAPE), Alex Shtatnov (iD-East) Pavel Plotnikov and Vyacheslav Medvedev (Dr.Web), Denis Maslennikov (Kaspersky Lab), Max Gaker (QIWI), Ramin Aliyev (RBC Money) , Yuri Dolzhenko (Google Inc.), Ivan Kostrov (MobiAds), Valentin Saveliev (2Gis), Irina Grandel (ivi.ru) Andrey Filatov (NARR8), Andrey Sudarikov (PlayDisplay), Alexandra Sidorina (Dynamic Pixels) and many others.

The speakers presented many topical case studies on the use of mobile applications: general trends in the market of mobile devices and technologies, mobile advertising, viral game marketing, tools for mobilizing e-commerce, how to get to the top of App Store rankings; mobile services for offline stores, mobile applications in the corporate and banking sectors, and more.

The visitors had the opportunity to talk with all the speakers and ask them questions. 

Especially popular with the visitors were booths of the following exhibitors: Playdisplay, HelpLine , Poloniumarts , 2Gis , Unicume , Eski.mobi , Mobiads , Essential Commerce , My-apps , Get Taxi.

The exhibitors showcased a wide range of new products:

  • Effective solutions for e-commerce: Cardomat, MySiteCalls.me, iSpeakVideo, MarketBook by the company Essential Commerce.
  • Engineering, design, development and testing for mobile devices (Poloniumarts).
  • High quality mobile applications, multimedia presentations, and digital magazines for smartphones and tablets (Tamzap).
  • The largest mobile advertising network in Russia Mobiads.
  • Online constructor My-apps allowing to create your own mobile application without targeting the markets of Russia, the CIS, Europe and Asia.
  • Innovative taxi ordering service for smartphones Get Taxi.
  • Development of mapping software Navitel as well as automotive navigation services
  • Mobile automation for restaurants, parks, and hotels HelpLine.
  • Marketing of mobile applications and games Unicume.
  • and many others.

Speed Dealing platform gathered representatives of 25 startups and 5 venture capital and investment companies. The investors saw the greatest prospects in:

  • Arthur Manukyan representing RoundCover project – extended warranty service any special skills in just a few clicks. provider for gadgets, electronics, and household appliances.
  • Dmitry Ioffe, developer of the mobile app for universities, where one can view information about school timetable, teachers and friends from other schools.
  • Anatoly Konukhov representing Eltechs project – a unique cross-architecture virtualization that ensures compatibility of the incompatible software with the new ARM servers.

Anton, a participant in Speed Dealing: "I learned about Speed Dealing at SNCE event organized by Smile Expo. I have come today to showcase the online booking system for tourists Click and Travel. I think that the chances are equal for all, although here I am the only representative from tourist industry. We have an idea that has already been implemented abroad. It’s out in the open. I think if I tell how it all works step by step, my proposal will be a success."

The career booth for developers MATE a CAREER brought together the country’s leading headhunters:

  • Headhunter – the largest in RuNet website for building a career for skilled workforce and managers;
  • HR-Vision – professional recruitment of middle and top managers for foreign and domestic companies;
  • ITmozg – Russia's only specialized resource for IT staff recruitment;
  • The Association of Personnel Selection Consultants. APSC is the largest and most respected professional association of recruiters in Russia and the CIS.

Major software companies, such as Navitel and Appreal, were also looking to hire staff among the exhibition visitors.

Marina Dorofeeva, recruiter at Generalist: "For us, such industry events are a great place for cooperation, headhunting and recruitment for companies. We work in a variety of areas, but IT and finance are the key sectors."

Results of the exhibition showed that mobile applications are the next big thing, and MATE is the ideal platform to exchange ideas and showcase innovative solutions.

We thank all the exhibitors, visitors, speakers and partners for making this event a success!